Maison Takuya sources its precious lizard skins from one the finest tanneries in France. Originating from the African species, Varanus Niloticus or more commonly known as the Nile Monitor, its jewel like scales are uniquely uniform and shimmer as they catch the light. The natural waxed finish of Maison Takuya's lizard skins gives it an exceptional patina which with time, will become richer and darker. All our skins are CITES certified, guaranteeing that the animals have been hunted according to the rules set by the CITES for the protection of endangered species. Due to the unique pattern of each skin, your item may show a different appearance than the item featured on the website. Please note that our lizard skins cannot withstand the contact with water. In case of any contact with oil, cosmetics or water, the leather should be immediately wiped with a dry cloth.