The cowhide skins selected by Maison Takuya come from the very best cowhide tannery in Germany. We select the finest hides, showing a very refined grain that comes directly from the animal skin structure. Unlike most skins on the market these hides are not printed. It is through a process, which literally shrinks the skins that the natural grain is obtained. Each hide therefore retains a strong and unique identity, with its own grain and pattern originating from the natural veins of the animal. This unique tanning process provides us with a material that has a great resistance to wear and tear. These calf skins are also virtually waterproof, and can be used either with or without lining as the back of the hide also gets special attention in the production process to remain smooth with a nice unified color tone. The German Shrunkencalf is available in a wide range of classical and more daring seasonal colours.