Maison Takuya exclusively uses hand-stitching in its leather items. The tried and tested traditional method of saddle stitching is not only far more beautiful and uniform, but also longer lasting than industrial machine sewing. Leather machine sewing commonly uses what is called the lock stitch, using a top and a bottom intertwined threads, thus creating a loop between the two leather pieces. If just one loop of a lock stitch breaks, the other side will automatically be loosened, and this process of unraveling will continue until the entire product falls apart. As saddle stitching uses one thread sewn with two needles, instead of two for machine stitching, a break in hand-stitched items will only affect the one broken step. All our items are sewn using our exclusive invisible stop technique allowing the stitch stop to be completely undetectable.

Maison Takuya items are sewn using linen thread exclusively. This very resistant French thread, which is only compatible with hand stitching, is generously waxed with natural beeswax before use to enhance its durability.